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A bit of a belated Happy New Year to everyonebut hoping with the downward trend in the virus, and the amount of vaccine flowing, and schools starting to open, we can start to be hopeful and look at 2021 with some major positivity!

I have a lot to update everyone on, so I will just jump right to it! First, we just want to let everyone know that the staff is all fully vaccinated, having received both shots, and we are hoping that helps put people who were anxious at ease. We are encouraged by the number of our patients that are getting vaccinated as well, and hope this makes everyone who was hesitant a bit more comfortable in getting dental treatment. As always, we continue to take all precautions against Covid-19 as well as above standard infection control procedures. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

This next part applies mainly to my long term patients of the Loch Lomond location. As you well know, the development and building at that location has been ongoing and precarious for years. For 18 years, I have continued to work with the owners, as we were promised a spot in the new development, and were assured they would give us (myself and the cleaners) a temporary location while they were constructing a new building  on our site. Unfortunately, we were recently informed that the owners have sold the property, and we are required to be gone by March 31st. They will be tearing our building down, and there is no further information as to the new building, timeline, or anything really. Although this may come as a shock, it is something I have anticipated for quite a while, and have planned for accordingly. Although I know the convenience of the Loch Lomond office is something everyone loves (I know, me too, I live in Glenwood!) we do have a new home, and even though it is not in Loch Lomond, it does offer us a lot of advantages. Most importantly, it has free off-street parking for our patients ONLY! We have a much bigger space with more private treatment rooms, and the space is more modern, as we have done extensive updating. I hope you will all enjoy it, and not be intimidated by the new location, as once you find it and see the parking situation, you will be put at ease. It is unfortunate that the owners did not honor their original promises, but I am trying to look at the positive side, that we thankfully have a place to land, and that perhaps in the future, we could consider a second location in Loch Lomond, if it were to become available. Until then, we will continue to be here for your dental needs. We will be at the Loch Lomond location on Mondays and Wednesdays through March 24th. Beginning on Monday, March 29, 2021, we will be exclusively at the Greenfield office.  Any appointments you have made will stand as scheduled, they will just be in the new location. Our phone number and website will continue to operate so that you can easily get in touch with us.

We so look forward to welcoming  you to the new office!  Please see below for detailed directions to the new office, map coming soon on website.


From Loch Lomond/East San Rafael to 11 Greenfield Avenue:

Drive west on 3rd Street, which will merge with 2nd street, which will eventually merge with 4th. Once 4th Street and 2nd street merge at the Shell Station just past IHOP, at you will take the first left at the stoplight onto Greenfield. We are right on the corner, just across from the bus stop. Turn left into the large parking lot in back of the building for patient parking.


From San Anselmo/West to 11 Greenfield Avenue:

Continue on Miracle Mile until you reach San Rafael. You will pass the Episcopalian church, and you will take a right at the next light, which is Greenfield Avenue. Quickly turn left into the large parking lot in back of the building for patient parking.



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